Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a note...

In light of my last post, I'd like to add some more info. As you may remember, Toby Hemenway was here a month ago to talk about Permaculture. In his book, Gaia's Garden, there is a chapter that deals with soil fertility and overall garden ecology that relates very well to our last "Walk on the Wild Side". The chapter entitled "A Gardener's Ecology" speaks to many of the same topics we discussed last week, and the book as a whole is a great resource whether you're an aspiring vegetable gardener or just want to create a healthy ecology in whatever garden you cultivate. By the way, no, I don't get a cut of any sales of the books I recommend- I just like them. I link them through the Regulator Bookshop website because I think it's important to support local businesses. Sure, I've shopped at the big book stores, but if I can get something at The Regulator, or at Barnes Supply, or The Playhouse Toystore, I try to do that. Keeping money in our community supports local jobs that pay local wages that buy local goods and pay local taxes which support local infrastructure...... Let's keep it local, shall we.

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