Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday! I wanted to update our readers (all three of you!) about an interesting event. For the past eight years, Duke Gardens has partnered with the North carolina Native Plant Society to conduct periodic "Plant Rescues" on natural sites slated for development. We bring a group of volunteers and staff to the area, where we proceed to remove native species that would otherwise be destroyed and take them back to the gardens. There we pot them up or heel them in and eventually they go into the gardens as part of our collections. Here are a few photos from a recent rescue showing the digging, the potting, and the finished product ready for fall planting. On this trip we rescued over a thousand individual specimens representing eight different species of native woodland plants.


  1. Plant Rescue looks like fun and a great learning experience. How do we find out when the next one is?

  2. Ann,

    Send me your e-mail address and I'll you, and anyone else who is interested, to our list of plant rescue volunteers. Then, when we have a rescue coming up, we'll let you know so you can join us.