Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where is the time going? I've been a bit awol from the website and blog recently.... i do have a good excuse, though. Let me think a minute, I'll come up with something..... Okay, I've just been doing other stuff. I always get drawn into the boys swim season as it nears it's end in July. The DSSL (Durham Summer Swim League) championship meet was held last weekend in Cary, and now I'm in "swim meet withdrawal". It's time for my kids to start another sport that I can live vicariously through, and fast! The third installment of the "Name That Native" identification blog is up, for anyone that's interested. This week has a good representation of native vines, and next week will focus on piedmont savannah natives. A few engaging classes came through the Blomquist this week- I'll talk about them once I have a few photos to show as well. I'll be on vacation next week camping in Michigan with my boys, and then the following week I'll be in Cullowhee, NC at the NC Native Plants Conference. That's a fun one, if you haven't attended. Till next time!

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