Thursday, February 3, 2011

IT"S ALIVE!!!!!..... After a few months in mothballs, the Blomquist Garden blog is back in action. Let's get right down to business. Today there is a "Walk on the Wild Side" tour of the Blomquist Garden at 11:00. The topic today will be "helping animals survive the winter in your garden". An interesting link I found in my research on this topic is from a British forest preserve website. Check it out.. I'll add more links later.

Another interesting link comes from a British invertebrate preservation site- lots of interesting info about how they protect different types of invertebrate habitats. Obviously, our bugs and our their habitats in the southeastern US are different, but I thought it was a very comprehensive treatment of how to save species by conserving habitat.

Here's a link to an interesting article about winter ecology in insect species. Fascinating! It's amazing what our insect friends have to go through to make it from year to year.

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