Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey Ho! Only two weeks since my last entry! I'm on fire! Hehe. Anyway, just wanted to provide a heads up for those of you interested in attending one of the monthly walks I host in the Blomquist Garden. Here follows a tentative schedule of the upcoming topics we'll be discussing during the tours:

2/5/09- We'll be talking about birds in the garden. Mostly we'll discuss the effects of climate change and urbanization on native bird species, along with the importance of maintaining biodiversity in landscapes and native habitats for the health of our local bird species. Finally, we'll look at some birds in action at the Bird Viewing Shelter, and touch on the implications of unhealthy ecosystems for insect and bird diversity. Bring your binoculars if you have them!

3/5/09- To be determined- check back soon!

Also, I'll be in Pinehurst at the Weymouth Nature center for their Dirt gardener's Workshop on March 17th. I'll be giving a talk on Native Spring Wildflowers. Hope to see you there.

Consider joining us for a Botanical tour of the Nashville, TN area April 15th-18th. We'll visit a number of unique natural habitats in the area, among them the very special Cedar Glades ecosystem. We'll also tour Cheekwood Botanic garden and Growild Nursery, one of the premier growers of native plants in this part of the country. Email Stefan at for more info.

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