Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Almost Friday!!!!

Well, actually, it's only Wednesday, but if you squint and blur your vision, Friday doesn't look so far away. I had a great visit in the garden yesterday with the Blossom Garden club from the Trinity park area of Durham. We spent an hour talking about wildlife gardening, and I shared some funny anecdotes about the wildlife in The Blomquist Garden, and we had a great time. It turns out, as Katherine informed me today (my assistant in the Blomquist, Katherine Magowan), that we have baby red shouldered hawks in the Blomquist garden. Our resident pair have successfully hatched a clutch of eggs, and there are at least two young hawks growing up in the Blomquist. Cool stuff. I'm including a photo from the tour yesterday. Pictured are the attending members of the Blossom Garden Club.

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